February, 2015

Ovarian Cancer Australia ambassador and Kate, Tim & Marty co-host Kate Ritchie helped beat the Mondayitis by holding an Afternoon ‘Teal’ at the Pyrmont studios on February 23 along with the help of the Nova 96.9 office.

Via a gold coin donation, staff were able to enjoy delectable treats including an amazing teal layered cake all for a good cause – raising awareness of the symptoms, risks and impact of ovarian cancer.

In Australia, four women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every day. There is no early detection test and the Pap test does not detect the disease. Approximately 75% of women are diagnosed at an advanced stage where the cancer has spread and is difficult to treat successfully.

At the moment only 43% of women with ovarian cancer will be alive in five years’ time but if the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, this statistic increases to 80%.

Visit Ovarian Cancer Australia for more information.  

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