To get to know the smoothfm audience better, NOVA Entertainment recently conducted an independent research study into the different types of people that make up our audience community, and what connects and commits them to the smooth brand.

What we found is that despite having different attitudes, passions and lifestyles, our audience are united by one core thing - their love and loyalty for the smooth brand.

This depth of audience insight helps us to create the perfect connection between your brand and the needs of our audience; at the right time, in the right place, in the right way.

For a look at some highlights from the study, please view the video below.


Through this research, we have also identified and analysed the four key audience segments that make up the smooth community.

Segmentation is a robust, relatable way of better understanding our listeners; allowing greater focus on effective scheduling and communicating to the listeners that matter most to your brands.

To find out more about the smooth listener, check out the four audience profiles below.

If you're interested in seeing the smooth Connections Study findings in greater details or which smooth audience segment is best aligned to your brand, book a meeting with the NOVA Entertainment Insights team -  


Balancing life, work and health this group still make time for their passions. Greater accessibility via streaming and smart devices means this group have increased radio consumption during the workday and on weekends.


Predominantly single, this group of smooth listeners are focused on exploring new experiences to help shape their future. The most progressive segment when it comes to accessing smoothfm in non-traditional ways such as streaming and smart devices.


Focused on family, community and building their lives together. Family firsts spend more time on the road than they used to, and the most of any of the segments. For them in-car listening is still king.


Smooth Bommers are optimistic, informed and enjoying their lives to the fullest. With more free time, and more time spent at home, this group are the most traditional in their listening habits.