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Voyages Ayers Rock Resort were a new player in the tourism market and wanted to be top of mind for holiday planners. Being within the consideration set when it came to travel destinations within Australia was key. As a major part of the Australian landscape and a cultural icon – a strong visual element to connect and engage prospective visitors to Uluru was a necessity.

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Travel is a passion point for the smoothfm audience and we capitalized on this insight with a highly integrated cross platform solution. Spanning radio, television and online we brought to life the range of experiences on offer at Uluru through an engaging promotion with Channel 9’s Mornings.

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On Air

Live content travel segments from all smoothfm announcers profiled the range of experiences on offer at Voyages Ayers Rock.
Smoothfm and Channel 9’s Morning show host – David Campbell voiced direct response spots driving awareness of the promotion and encouraging listeners to watch Channel 9’s Mornings to get the winning code word.


David then revealed the weekly codeword in Mornings, inviting the audience to register their entry online at smoothfm for the chance to win!


Inspiration met with aspiration for Voyages on the custom vertical hosted on the smoothfm website.
Native travel content brought the destination to life visually for the target audience and provided a seamlessly branded entry point for the audience.


David Campbell was the natural ambassador to bring to life the destination, experience and the promotion for the target audience. Driving the call to action across radio and television and celebrating each week with winners.

"An outstanding example of a successful integrated campaign for Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia. The promotion generated fantastic cross-platform visibility and great results."

Janneke Leffers
Marketing Manager, Voyages