Smooth A Night With Spandau Ballet

November 12, 2014

250 guests gathered at Marquee, The Star on Thursday November 6 for smooth A Night With Spandau Ballet.

The British new wave band were introduced by industry stalwart and smoothfm presenter Richard Wilkins and played an hour long set culminating in their biggest hits Gold and True. The band visited Australia last week to promote their upcoming national tour and documentary Soul Boys of the Western World.

Notable guests included television presenter Dr Katrina Warren, broadcaster Indira Naidoo, NOVA Entertainment executives Cathy O Connor, Paul Jackson, smoothfm presenters Ty Frost, Simon Diaz, Ron Wilson and Bogart Torelli.

The venue, more accustomed to big name DJs and state of the art light shows was transformed into an intimate and relaxing venue with an array of flowers, candles and chandeliers to bring to life the full smoothfm experience. 

smoothfm A Night With Spandau Balletsmooth A Night With Spandau Ballet - Ty Frost & Simon Diazsmooth A Night With Spandau Ballet - Richard Wilkins & Paul Jackson smooth A Night With Spandau Ballet - Cathy O'Connorsmooth A Night With Spandau Ballet - Katrina Warren
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