At Nova Entertainment we have an insights community of over 5000 listeners – we call it Soundbooth.

Through Soundbooth, our audience have the opportunity to give us opinions and feedback on products and promotions they hear on their favourite stations, as well as sharing with us more about themselves!

You too can access our audience to ask any question you like about your products and brands.

As a simple trial, if you’d like to access one of our listeners right now and gain some insight on a particular topic, we’d like to introduce you to Ryan. Ryan is one of our Nova listening panellists, a tradie passionate about travelling, music festivals and spending time with mates.

You can ask him anything! Simply pose your question below and he could be answering it as we explore the areas of insight nominated by our audience.

In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about the power of Soundbooth, ask your Sales Executive and we’d welcome the opportunity to share with you more of what's possible. 

Five quick facts about the power of community panel research like Soundbooth;

1. Allows a two-way conversation with your audience in real time increasing the speed and quality of business decisions
2. Allows you to engage more deeply with our audience
3. Increases R.O.I. – making research not just faster, but easier and more cost effective
4. Allows you to understand more about the behaviour of your audience in previously inaccessible areas
5. Empowers to optimise your campaign before it has even started by testing your concepts or creative

Got A Question For Ryan?