NOVA Entertainment with ACAST is the biggest podcast player in the Australian market with over 2,000 podcast shows on both platforms and in excess of 3.5 million monthly listens locally and 56 million globally.

Acast’s platform exclusively hosts a number of the world’s biggest podcasts such as The Football Ramble or The Financial Times Shows, and including the global phenomenon My Dad Wrote A Porno, which has over one million listens in Australia per month.

Nova’s own show content is consistently among the top performers in podcasting with Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty recording over 500,000 listens per month in Australia.

Podcasters use Acast to host, distribute and monetise their content while getting detailed analytics on where, how and when their content is being consumed.

Acast connects brands and advertisers with some of the most popular podcasters at scale being the only true end-to-end audio on demand service.

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