Ash Bradnam


Ash is joined by Kip Wightman and David 'Luttsy' Lutteral to give Brisbane listeners a laugh as they wake up from 6am weekdays.

He has enjoyed a varied career that has always involved him entertaining an audience. From radio to television, to acting in a film he co-wrote, Ash is known for his ability to spin a good story and can always find humour in any situation.

A founding member of the Nova 106.9 on air breakfast team, Ash likes to share the story about commencing broadcasting their debut breakfast shows from a cardboard box.

The Nova Brisbane studio was still being built when Ash joined Kip Wightman, Meshel Laurie and David “Luttsy” Lutteral to launch their new breakfast show in 2005. They broadcast from a makeshift studio while they waited for the permanent studio to be built. Their surroundings didn’t impact their performance with the station launching as number one for their target demographic and the breakfast show quickly becoming Brisbane’s favourite show.

In 2009 Ash had a break from radio but the team kept his chair warm for his return to Nova 106.9 in 2011. Ash shares the airwaves with his original co-hosts David “Luttsy” Lutteral and Kip Wightman, who returned to Nova in 2012, reuniting three friends whose real and random style strikes a chord with listeners.

Ash loves sharing his stories with Brisbane listeners. While off the air Ash is a devoted dad, husband as well as a very average fisherman.

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