Susie O'Neill


If Susie O’Neill wore all her medals at once, she would sustain a serious neck injury.

Susie O’Neill is a GOAT (Greatest of All Time) - one of Australia’s most successful swimmers who won eight Olympic medals, held 35 Australian titles and wiped the competition from the water at many World Championships and Commonwealth Games.

With nothing left to prove in the pool, Susie sought a new challenge so joined the team at Nova 106.9 in 2013 where she is, in her opinion, the fourth-best broadcaster on the breakfast show.

Susie juggles her role as the no-filter commentator to Ash and Luttsy’s antics with mothering, charity work, sponsorships, speaking engagements and youth mentoring.

Although Susie regularly admits on-air her teenage daughter is far more successful at “adulting” than her.

And because she is so revered by Australians of all ages for her extraordinary feats in the pool, Ash and Luttsy had to give Susie the good studio chair.

Susie was announced as Deputy Chef de Mission for the Australian Olympic Team to compete at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games and says it’s a privilege to once again be part of the wonderful energy of an Olympic team. 

Susie is still ridiculously fit, still likes to swim and is always up for an adventure or participating in the latest social craze or taking selfies with listeners.

She is universally loved and a household name, which is awkward, as when people chat to her she just assumes she can’t remember where and how they met.

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