Ben & Liam

Nova 919’s new breakfast show Ben & Liam will launch in Adelaide on Monday 6 January from 6am to 10am.

Born and bred in Adelaide, Ben & Liam have a natural chemistry and, combined with laugh out loud stories and a love of their home town, the team are the perfect recipe for Adelaide breakfast. Having started their careers on community radio in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, the hilarious duo has a strong feel for the nuances that make South Australian’s tick and can’t wait to hit the streets of Adelaide to meet their listeners.

Ben and Liam said, “We’re that keen to get on air. We’ve had two months off and I’d love to say we were doing something cool too like skiing in the French alps or cage fighting in Brazil unfortunately, we’ve just been couch potatoes at each other’s houses. We’ll thank ourselves in a few months though. We’re just resting up for a massive 2020. The team at Nova are so passionate and motivated and we can’t wait to wake up with Adelaide and get back to what we know and love, radio.”


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