Bogart Torelli

Bogart Torelli makes getting up in the mornings a little easier for Sydney-siders as host of the More Music Breakfast Show from 5.30am to 9am.

Bogart is one of Sydney's most enduring and engaging female announcers. After 15 years of regional radio, she was 'discovered' by radio veteran Rod Muir in 1997 when he tuned into Coast Rock while working at his Central Coast property. He offered Bogart a job on Sydney’s 2SM.

Since then, Bogart has helped pave the way for women on FM radio. She has been heard on air across Sydney at many radio stations, including 10 years in various on-air roles at Mix FM, in her prolific career.

A close-knit family, good music and good food are the most important things in life for this former Australian Commercial Radio Award (ACRA) Best Music Presenter winner.

Bogart joined smoothfm 95.3 on November 2012 hosting the Drive shift before moving to host Sydney’s More Music Breakfast Show with news journalist Glenn Daniel.

Bogart regards her work as the best reward and she is as warm and friendly when she’s off mic as she is when you hear her on the mic during breakfast.

Bogart Torelli can be heard on The More Music Breakfast Show on Sydney’s smoothfm 95.3 from 5.30 - 9am weekdays.

Twitter @smoothfm953

Instagram @smoothfm953

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