Cameron Daddo


After a busy day, when all you want to do is put your feet up and switch off, Cameron Daddo plays a great blend of music to help you relax.  He gives you a little bit of time to unwind and get away from every day stresses of work, family, friends, study, finding time to exercise … all the things that fill our lives with noise.

Cameron helps listeners to relax at the end of the day – let life go by – hear their favourite songs on the radio and spend time alone with just their thoughts – and a good cuppa or glass of wine. 

We’ve gone through our music collection to find songs that will soothe you, help you to relax and chill you out – without being daggy or soppy.  (No Love God here … we have Cameron Daddo to help you unwind.)

Cameron can also be seen hosting smoothfm TV on Foxtel and recently starred in the stage production Legally Blonde, returning to Australia after relocating to Los Angeles almost 20 years ago.

Cameron’s talents have taken him to the big screen for roles in films Anthrax, Big Momma's House 2, The Incredible Mrs Ritchie, David Lynch's Inland Empire and Almost Broadway, the Logie Award winner has also scored starring and recurring roles in many network US TV series including, 24, CSI: Miami, Boston Legal, NCIS and The Mentalist. 

Not content to just act, he has directed for television, produced several feature and short films and composed music for Passengers, the movie which he also produced and starred in.

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