Julie Goodwin & Rabbit


These guys are like chilli chocolate, you don’t think it’s going to work, but somehow it does. Warm and fuzzy, like a baby koala at Soldiers Beach, refreshing like a Slurpee from the twin servos, they’ll make you smile, gasp and occasionally cry. But you’ll always be welcome to join the conversation. They love the Coast with a passion and get what’s happening in your neck of the woods.

Rabbit is a radio veteran notching up 20 years on air. He has worked across Australia in radio, but also some live TV appearances on The Morning Show, TV commercials and voice overs. His wife and children have recently moved to the Coast,… just in time for Rabbs to take his Harley Fatboy Lo for a run along Wilfred Barret Drive.

Julie is the humble first ever winner of Masterchef and is a proud Central Coast business owner and mum. After calling Julie for comment every other day, it was obvious that she should join the team in studio. (saves on the phone bill!) Julie appears on the Star 104.5 breakfast Show when she’s not busy doing TV, writing cookbooks, public speaking, running a fabulous business and raising a family!

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