Simon Diaz

Simon Diaz creates an easy place for listeners to relax during their afternoons from 1pm to 4pm in Sydney and Melbourne on smoothfm.

With over 20 year’s radio experience, Simon was so passionate about a career in radio that he worked in a nursing home and as a nightclub DJ so he could volunteer on various community radio stations. Simon’s voluntary work paid off and he got his first big break in 1993 at 3SH in Victoria where he did everything from writing and voicing commercials to putting out the rubbish.

In 1994 Simon moved to 3GG in Gippsland to take up the role of Production manager and fell into doing breakfast on air until 1999. That same year he was offered a gig in late nights and as a cruiser driver for the night show on TTFM, (now Mix FM), and was heard on air in various day parts for the next 13 years. In 2007, Simon joined Channel Nine as an announcer on Bert’s Family Feud and in 2008 on Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune.

A dedicated runner and cyclist, Simon has participated in over six triathlons or ironman competitions, over 10 marathons and completed Bicycle Australia’s 235km Peaks challenge in 2018. Simon regularly trains with a group of mates and is dedicated to health and fitness.

Simon Diaz joined the smoothfm line up in 2013 and can be heard in afternoons on smoothfm 95.3 in Sydney, smoothfm 91.5 Melbourne and on DAB+ week days from 1pm to 4pm.

Twitter @smoothfm953 @smoothfm915

Instagram @smoothfm953 @smoothfm915

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