Ty Frost

Ty Frost creates an easy place for listeners to relax as they get into the swing of things at work, from 9am to 1pm, on smoothfm in Sydney and Melbourne.

With over 25 years of experience in the radio industry, Ty joined smoothfm’s on-air line up in April 2012 after his mellifluous voice came to the attention of the station’s Group Program Director.

The son of radio veteran Ian Marshman, Ty’s passion for radio was fuelled at a young age. He got his start in radio in December 1993 as an announcer on the regional stations 3SH Swan Hill and then Wangaratta’s 3NE.

In September 1995 he joined NOVA Entertainment as an announcer on B104.9 in the Albury Wodonga area. He moved to Melbourne in December 2001 to take up the position of Webmaster and on-air announcer for the launch of Nova 100.

From 2006 Ty focused on his digital and on-line career, occupying various roles of the network over the next five years including Group Webmaster, Online Program Director and Digital Technical and Production Director.

He’s delighted to now be back working at the thing that he most wanted to do growing up, to be a radio announcer.

Ty Frost can be heard from 9am to 1pm weekdays on smoothfm

Twitter @tyfrost

Instagram @tydfrost

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