Kate Mac


Kate Mac is a Perth born & bred girl - an ECU graduate and avid traveler/yoga enthusiast.

Back in her uni days, Kate took off from Perth to the US for study and to join a sorority. (Yes, she will happily chant on request.)

Other overseas stints included the Caribbean for 3 years, where she presented a breakfast show with a 58 year-old rock legend named ‘The Undertaker’…need we say more.

Kate is a qualified yoga instructor and self-confessed adrenaline junkie. Yoga while skydiving isn’t a thing yet, but she’s considering a patent.

She also hits up every live music gig she can, in the hope that one day she will be plucked from the crowd and her true abilities as a rock star will be discovered.

At home, Kate dotes on her sausage dog Rodney and lives with a man who is apparently her husband. They’re both pretty awesome.

When she’s not talking on the radio, Kate enjoys being the fittest person at Nova 93.7. Seriously – she can out-burpee the entire office on request. And if she’s not running laps around the park, you can find her Instagramming photos of Rodney – yes, she has an Instagram for her dog, and yes, she will force you to look at photos. (He’s cute, ok?)

You can catch Kate on weekday mornings from 9am.

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