Ross Wallman


Ross grew up in the suburbs of Perth, and it was a slow burn to get him to move out of his parents place. He went as far as the house across the road for a while – though the free food and hugs from his Mum eventually petered out!

Ross has worked in radio for most of his adult life, and particularly loves the random chats with callers at any time of the day. Seriously, the guy could talk to a pile of rocks. We’d tell you to ask him but you’d be stuck for a week.

A keen traveller, Ross has been to a great deal of destinations – so far this year he’s seen India, Germany, Austria and Rottnest Island (that’s all the overseas destinations, anyway). All the travel does mean leaving his best mate ‘Sammi’ the cavoodle at home - the sad puppy dog eyes are enough to get him to stay put for a few months.

Being an avid talker, Ross loves working with people, spending time at the gym and supporting the Fremantle Dockers – even though his own footy career mostly consisted of sitting on the bench (and striking up conversation there too).

In fact, Ross likes noise and talking so much that he can’t sleep at night without the sounds of rain – and yes, there’s an app for that.

You can catch Ross on Mornings, weekdays from 9am.

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